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Hard Cheap Knock endorses and recommends the following quality purveyors of internet pixels.

In The Realm of the Slimelords

1474474560Illustration and Comix Art by Matthew Langland, Brooklyn, NY
Horror, Metal, Sci-borgs, Super-Zeroes and Grody Kidz Stuff

In The Realm of the Slimelords

Thirsty Bastards

tb-horiz-250Thirst for knowledge. Drink to forget.
An adult beverage culture website.

Matthew Langland

Recent Paintings

Nerdy Legion Podcast

“The Nerdy Legion is a weekly show bringing your real talk on all our nerdy interests from comics, to TV, movies, anime and more. This show features a core rotating team to showcase the level of diversity that nerd culture shares.”

Nerdy Legion

Grey Burger Drive-Ins

Featuring such drive-in delacacies as The 50 Shades Burger, Cheesecake Nuggets, and The Alien Autopsy Meal. Grey Burger. They’re That Color On Purpose®.

Grey Burger

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