3:34 PM
Good afternoon
I'm looking at your Instagram right now.
o rly?
I received the hidden message meant for me.
wait is this abby
...but only by comparing it to the "same" pic you posted to Facebook.
The composition in both... impeccable
i’m using this new filter…
even tho it’s friday
They are identical, and yet, not quite...
I’ve documented no less that 18 discrepancies.
And I know what each one means.
For me...
For us...
My buddy Tonz would be impressed with your recondite missive.
The angle of the burrito on the plate is exactly 9 degrees ccw...
The very prominent letter G swirled into the dollop of sour cream…
(I can barely forgive you for that one)
One tomato slice? Two?
Which is it?
Two of course. Like two hearts, beating as one.
It’s all there…
At long last, we can take this to the next level.
How did you get my daughter’s phone number?
Yours is 473-247-5625?
I’ll be giving that to the police.
Wait, is this Abby?
I meant to text Abby.
SRSLY. Abby.
Do you have Abby’s number?