Them there mannequins were bleeding.

I just want to mention that the other day at Target I saw some mannequins bleeding. A lot of people pretended they didn’t see it. But I saw it. I don’t really want to jump to any conclusions but I know for sure they shouldn’t be bleeding. If anything their blood would be white right? Well at least that was how I was brought up. I didn’t do anything. I know. I didn’t have any gauze or witch hazel handy. And I didn’t want to make it worse. “Ole spoon hands” they call me. The blood wasn’t really gushing out. Just a slow drip drap. But by the looks of it, it must of been going for awhile. The head ones looked like they started to scab. So that was promising. At least I know their blood is not too thin. My mom’s blood is and she has to take pills. I might avoid that area next time I go there. Well I shouldn’t say no completely. I might check up on them. Stupid Catholic guilt. I probably shouldn’t of said anything.






"Last night i felt whale arms around me." - The Smiths


  1. Neal Mcdoogin
    July 7, 2017 @ 12:09 pm

    Esmowa. #beenthere


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