The Last Jedi


46 Days to SW Ep8 – Snowtrooper Soda Machine

Insert Coin As a Star Wars Kid in the 80s, I got the idea in my head that the ESB Snowtrooper figure resembled a “human soda machine”. It had all the elements – a coin slot, buttons to make your selection, a coin return, and the vending slot where the can would be dispensed. Unfortunately, this dispensing […]


48 DAYS to SW EP8 – Oliver Ford Davies “Fundamentally disagrees with every choice” for Sio Bibble in The Last Jedi.

More sequels, more problems. This past May’s Vanity Fair cover story on Star Wars: The Last Jedi stirred immense anticipation in the hearts of Star Wars fandom worldwide. But not everyone involved in this iconic film franchise is quite so pleased. Esteemed English actor and writer Oliver Ford Davies, who portrayed the tough-as-nails, incorruptible Sio Bibble in […]

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