50 Days of Star Wars

Week 20 featured image

20 Days to SW EP8 – Sebulba Actor Lewis Macleod Calls Out Andy Serkis for Ignoring His Contributions to Motion Capture FX

Recently, Wired released a video of Andy Serkis explaining the history of motion capture effects in movies. Serkis is currently the most eminent figure in this field, which combines real acting with digital animation to bring previously impossible creatures to life on film. Serkis has portrayed Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series, King […]


21 Days to SW EP8 – At The First Order Rally…

And NOW you know what those valves in the First Order Stormtrooper helmets are for! The only regime I’m interested in ending is the “only see The Last Jedi ONCE” regime. That’s why you should enter the… The majority of the art for this post was created while drinking at The Duke of Perth.


25 Days To SW EP8 – New Comics “Coruscant Business Stories”

Gungans Razors Euphemism Amendments Tings Amputation Radical Transparisteel In Homage to Dunkin Weltfellow Summers Typho Sleazebaggano Senators Tacos Ecumenopolis Admit the situation is dangerous Love to roll up sleeves 25 days left?!? What the heck have you been doing with your time? I mean, I’d understand if you were reading the latest antics of Rusty and […]

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