Enter to Win a One-Year Supply of Derrière Wipes from HCK

We’re a little obsessed with butts here at Hard Cheap Knock – be it butt punching, hair down there, or just simply seeing SlapButt in concert. You may ask, what is the best Derrière wipe?

In the war for a clean Derrière, there are as many weapons as stars in the sky. We have found that Swipes Lovin Wipes are not only the best Derrière Wipe you can buy. They also have the dual purpose of cleaning up any other sloppy body shenanigans you might come up with. And that’s why we love Swipes Lovin Wipes!

That’s why we’re giving one lucky winner a one-year supply of Derrière Wipes. That’s right, if chosen you will receive eighteen 42-count packs of wipes. That’s enough for two visits a day!*

Good luck, wipers!

*Pooping in excess of two times per day will not be accommodated by this prize. Winners who poop more than twice daily are encouraged to purchase additional wipes at their own expense. Number of wipes awarded was calculated by Googling “how often does the average person poop” (between three times a day and once every 3 days). If you poop more than 2 times a day, we’re sorry. If you poop more than 0.333333 times per day, this prize will last you quite a long time. Also, this article.

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