Neal’s Corner #4 – Concert Game

Hiiiiiiii. I’m Neal McDoogin. Spell it anyway you waaant just don’t call me laaate for ketchup thursdays. Esmowa. That was a joke. Welcome to my fourth Neal’s Corner. Enough chiiiiit chaaaat. So NEal McDoogin play amaaaazing concerts I have seen game as seen on the faaaaacebook applicaaaation.

The rules are siiiiiimple. I have seen 1 of theeeeeese concerts. Can you find reeeeeal show? Or will you go to hell? Seeeeee it is fun!

1. Charlie Brown’s Unused Football

2. The Bologna Experience featuring Terry

3. Belle and Sebastian and the News

4. SlapButt

5. Dead BB King

6. JC Penny Quilt

7. Taint Asylum

8. New Odor (played with The Sugar Pubes)

9. SuperTramp

10. Lazy Thigh

11. Some Rectal Prolapses are Bigger than Others (Smiths’ cover band)

12. She Wants Revenge & the Range

Neals Corner #4 is sponsored by the new word Mooogaga™. (patent pending)

For when you try to type moohaha and you get mooogaga instead. That’s mooogaga! Also it is fun to shout at the elderly from other lands.


“Last night i felt whale arms around me.” – The Smiths

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