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Guest Post: HCK’s Eastern European Correspondent Grunting Stipple Peacheitzen has shared a video with you!
Yes and thank you to you! We in Bulgrugia are to have fun but intrigue episodes! With handle and explain for excitement. Did you hear me? Cultural leaders say to me to say to you BIG FUCKUN EXCITEMENT and then you Amercia United Citizen come visit our country. Buy our food and take back to Minisota with you. Maybe you want bride too?
Favorite hero here for Bulgrugians is Capten Night Get ‘Em. He dress with twice pronged helmet and take blanket around with him hang on neck. He thought of that! He fought a man from Powder Rangers and also a man wearing lip paint named Offender Cackle All Day.  Lip paint on men and especially non men forbidden in Bulgrugia so Capten Night Get ‘Em execute criminal in street and bring him’s head to Parlamint and earning extra rations for that month. People watch show and cheer cry too. Why not? This hero sing on TV for holiday and popular sport event Amercian song. As unified people unafraid we offer talked about music video for you, State Amercians, to enjoy and talk to friends about on touch screen at work.
Disk Not Ejected Properly
Eject “AMERCIAN SOUND GOOD FOR PAYMENT” before disconnecting or turning off

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