Guys This All Black Animated GIF is the Most Goth AF Thing You’ll See ALL DAY !!

Holy S my fellow teenagers! Next time you turn on the internet check out this GIF! That is if you don’t want to leave the house all day? Ha ha !

I wear black on da outside cuz dats how I feel on da INSIDE boyee !

I mean you can come over to my house though if you want that’s cool! I’m 18 but I like to wear this old 45-year-old man mask all the time because it’s sooo funny! Right? I know!

AH, also this sweet goth gif sinks perfectly with Sisters of Mercy’s album First And Last And Always!  I watched it on replay for like 7 or 12  hours last night and was like, so effed up it’s crazy. I just like extreme experiences ha ha TEXT ME OK?

Bernard Carson

(Former) Chief Tech, Business and Spirituality Editor for Blood Lust Digest. (Former) Head of the Sandwhich Station at the Black Dung Township Angelo's Italian Restaurant. Answerer of the 5th Unknown Question. Founder and 13th Level Grand Maxiform Valuator of Omnichon Superionics, which is not a cult. IT'S NOT A CULT

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