Elegant “Meat” Placebos by Gnome Brands®

Steak. Chicken. Fish. Sausage. You have heard it before. Whatever you call it, they are all preventing you from looking like a million bucks. Don’t you want to look good in your bathing socks next summer? Just between you and the Gnomes, if you want to lose weight how can you rely on all the meat? Well now you can with mental trickery. Introducing Elegant “Meat” Placebos by Gnome Brands.

Yes that’s right! It will satisfy your craving of hearty meat without the meat benefits and or side effects. You know that boring pill “doctors” give you for some reason? Well it is kinda like that. Everything will seem real. But you’ll lose weight ’cause you aren’t eating anything real! We make our meat placebos in all the many fun forms of food meat that you appreciate & love. And this substitute will have no calories and dammit will kinda* be like the meat you usually buy no questions asked. Just view our lovely selection of placebo meats.

And with the 327 years of quality behind Gnome Brands® you just gotta believe it is good. Find them in the meat aisles of stores that you go to and shop at!





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