41 Days to SW EP8 – Win A Savory Snack Squad Skiff Magnet!

We have five (5) Savory Snack Squad magnets to give away! What’s the tie-in to Star Wars? There may be a passing similarity to a vehicle from ROTJ if you look real hard and squint. Who’s to say?

That’s right. Some jerkwad (me) decided it would be hilarious to make a flying vehicle out of a flaky savory pastry shell. This scene which features Little Dookie’s Empanada The Necromancer and Pizza Puff The Kid from the now classic “Savory Snack Squad in ‘Keep My Cheeks Dry Today'” is a fan favorite – perhaps yours too!

These magnets are soft, bendable, and a handsome addition to any steel household appliance. Plus they are a whopping 4″ x 5.5″! What won’t you fasten?

If you win, and you’re into that kind of thing, I will even sign it! Plus we’ll throw in a sticker or two just cuz we love you and we have some.

Additional magnets, shopping list, and regrigerator doors not included.

What do you have to do to get one of these babies? Just make a Twitter (or, as some say, “tweet”) about our 50 Days of Star Wars – The Last Jedi Countdown “Second Viewing” Giveaway, with a link, and the hashtag “#skifflife”. We’ll be on the lookout for the first five twitterers to do just that.

Look, we already made a tweet for you:

Click this button to tweet!

Magnets are making a real comeback. Don’t let your Fear of Missing Out get the better of you. Tweet about us and winnnnnnnnnn…!

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