D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L Winners!

We just announced live on Facebook the winners for D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L!
Watch exciting video below!

Neals’s Corner’s very own Neal McDoogin presided over the election process and it was “tough as toenails” to decide as Neal eloquently put it. See the winners below. We will notify the winners with 48hrs so they can collect their prizes.



Mvch Bhagavan – Raas, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
PRIZE: T-shirt, Mug and puzzle featuring HCK characters of his choice!


Nick Warren – Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
PRIZE: VHS copy of Underground Aces – featuring Dirk Benedict!


Rubick Foreskin – Bronx, USA
PRIZE: a fresh can of Meatsticks!

Congrats to all who entered! It seriously has been a great 11 months of competition.

This is sponsored by the good folks at Gnome Brands™ and their wonder product A.H.A. (Ass Hair Away). Removing Ass hair is hard work. But it does not have to be. Put down the clippers and put out your torches.
A.H.A. will put you in the front of the line. The “you can’t tell the difference between my 45yr old butt and a newborn fanny” line that is. You’ll say Aha, when your ass hair is gone!




"Last night i felt whale arms around me." - The Smiths


  1. Carolyn Warren
    July 30, 2017 @ 5:58 pm

    Young Nick Warren demands a recount! But congrats to all- when it comes to honoring Dirk Benedict- the whole world wins.


    • Hard Cheap Knock
      July 30, 2017 @ 5:58 pm

      All we can suggest is maybe nick uses the whole 11 months next time to fine tune his craft. But yes congrats to all!


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