Super Dick Move™ Puppies – A What if Commentary

Seems like lately scientists are discovering new planets left and right. Well what if they discovered a new world that consisted entirely of puppies? We’re talking the cutest fucking puppies you’ve ever seen. No adult dogs – just pure puppies. They had a society based on puppy needs and as far as you knew were content with life. And what […]


Lost Hard Knock – The 2000 Hard Knock Gear Catalog

Part of our agreement with the law firm we keep on retainer, Hart, Chapman, & Knox, is that we are required to keep meticulous records. All Hard Knock intellectual property needs to be catalogued, scanned, backed up, backed up off-site, or destroyed (on the occasion we need to rewrite a bit of history). Recently I was […]


Unfortunate Atari® games

The success of Atari games ranged from the delightful PAC-MAN to the insufferable ET – The Extraterrestrial. Towards the end of their reign as a lead video game manufacturer, Atari released some questionable titles. The best of Frasier – which the hot tv show was later based on, featured a shirtless psychiatrist trying to clean egg […]

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