Them there mannequins were bleeding.

I just want to mention that the other day at Target I saw some mannequins bleeding. A lot of people pretended they didn’t see it. But I saw it. I don’t really want to jump to any conclusions but I know for sure they shouldn’t be bleeding. If anything their blood would be white right? […]


HCK Movie (pre) Digestion: Baby Driver

Ok. I want to warn you upfront that I’m very angry and disappointed. Can’t tell which more honestly. Well here is how it all began. So there is a movie coming out on June 28 called Baby Driver. My heart soared when I first heard the title. I mean babies doing anything is awesome. Whether […]


Neal’s Corner #4 – Concert Game

Hiiiiiiii. I’m Neal McDoogin. Spell it anyway you waaant just don’t call me laaate for ketchup thursdays. Esmowa. That was a joke. Welcome to my fourth Neal’s Corner. Enough chiiiiit chaaaat. So NEal McDoogin play amaaaazing concerts I have seen game as seen on the faaaaacebook applicaaaation. The rules are siiiiiimple. I have seen 1 of theeeeeese concerts. […]


D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L April Update!

Holy catbutt people. It’s the new year! And now it is April. It’s an exciting time we are living in no? And of course we’re talking about the Draw or Make Something of What You Think Dirk Benedict Looks Like contest. Or D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L  for idiots! As of today you only have 88 days left to enter. So hurry up dirkheads™!  See link […]


HCK Movie Digestion: Rogue One

Wow the wait is over and what a movie it twas! Full of surprises and action! Just want to digest and share some interesting tidbits about Rogue One or Pícaro Uno for our Spanish speaking viewers. If you have not seen it yet, old blue milk (leche azul) spoilers lie ahead. This is your last chance to visit […]

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