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48 DAYS to SW EP8 – Oliver Ford Davies “Fundamentally disagrees with every choice” for Sio Bibble in The Last Jedi.

More sequels, more problems. This past May’s Vanity Fair cover story on Star Wars: The Last Jedi stirred immense anticipation in the hearts of Star Wars fandom worldwide. But not everyone involved in this iconic film franchise is quite so pleased. Esteemed English actor and writer Oliver Ford Davies, who portrayed the tough-as-nails, incorruptible Sio Bibble in […]


Looking to other cultures for inspiration

Guest Post: HCK’s Eastern European Correspondent Grunting Stipple Peacheitzen has shared a video with you! Yes and thank you to you! We in Bulgrugia are to have fun but intrigue episodes! With handle and explain for excitement. Did you hear me? Cultural leaders say to me to say to you BIG FUCKUN EXCITEMENT and then you Amercia United […]


NIU Janitor Reference Chart

Back in the sweet early 90’s, as they call them, Northern Illinois University was the home to 3 unique janitors or for PC folks – custodians of filthy deeds. The threesome existed over a 4 year span at the Art Building where the HardCheapKnock gang developed and grew testes. They never overlapped shifts nor been […]


D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L Winners!

We just announced live on Facebook the winners for D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L! Watch exciting video below! Neals’s Corner’s very own Neal McDoogin presided over the election process and it was “tough as toenails” to decide as Neal eloquently put it. See the winners below. We will notify the winners with 48hrs so they can collect their prizes.   […]


D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L 2 days left!

Hey Battle Starians and A-Team enthusiasts and artists of every level! Draw or Make Something of What You Think Dirk Benedict Looks Like or contest D-O-M-S-O-W-Y-T-D-B-L-L is officially over in 2 days!!! Can you believe its already been 11 months since the contest began? We don’t. Hell we haven’t believed anything since Gene Siskel killed Roger Ebert. […]

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