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Dumpster Madness, Episode 1, A Hard Cheap Knock Fumetti

“The terminology used to describe photo comics is somewhat inconsistent and idiosyncratic. Fumetti is an Italian word (literally “little puffs of smoke”, in reference to speech balloons), which refers in that language to any kind of comics. Because of the popularity of photo comics in Italy, fumetti became a loanword in English referring specifically to […]


Public Service Announcement – Toilet Nesting

We know how it is. You spent the first 5 minutes of your time “in the loo” crafting the perfect toilet seat nest. You gently folded and positioned each layer of paper so that no surface of the seat went uncovered. Inspired like no “mule burning” that came before this, you found that perfect balance […]


Classic Hard Knock – “Listen”

  “Listen” appeared in Hard Knock #2 from 1995. There’s a lot going on here. At it’s core, it’s about two people sitting across from each other, not having a conversation. Not listening. It’s one single image. At the time, I wanted to see how much of a story I could tell with just a […]

Empanada The Necromancer unleashing the zombified livestock from Hell

Lost Hard Cheap Knock – Empanada The Necromancer

Permit us yet again, Little Leaguers, as we tread a path down Memory Lane for another lesson in Hard Cheap Knock history. When you get old, you get nostalgic. When you get nostalgic, you get worried. When you get worried, you get lawyers. When you get lawyers, they make you document every last idiotic detail. This […]

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