Author: Gundy


Hard Cheap Knock’s Asswipe Showdown

In the war for a clean butt, there are as many weapons as stars in the sky. Maybe you’ve tried a few. Maybe you’ve suffered, as we all have, the dreaded “poke-through”, only to give up your search. Perhaps you’ve found that One Asswipe that you think works best. Judd Hirsch would have you believe […]


Lost Hard Cheap Knock – Savory Spokescharacters

As I’ve documented in my autobiography, From Wah-Peesh to “Wha Happen?”, I certainly did plenty to bring on the early demise of Hard Cheap Knock back in the 90s. That book does a stellar job of detailing the misfortune that I brought on myself. To a lesser extent, or perhaps as a consequence, plenty of […]


Dumpster Madness, Episode 1, A Hard Cheap Knock Fumetti

“The terminology used to describe photo comics is somewhat inconsistent and idiosyncratic. Fumetti is an Italian word (literally “little puffs of smoke”, in reference to speech balloons), which refers in that language to any kind of comics. Because of the popularity of photo comics in Italy, fumetti became a loanword in English referring specifically to […]


Public Service Announcement – Toilet Nesting

We know how it is. You spent the first 5 minutes of your time “in the loo” crafting the perfect toilet seat nest. You gently folded and positioned each layer of paper so that no surface of the seat went uncovered. Inspired like no “mule burning” that came before this, you found that perfect balance […]

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