50 days to SW EP8 – Countdown & Contest!

Hello moof milkers! It’s officially 50 days to Star Wars Episode 8 – the Last Jedi! We at Hardcheapknock are quite excited and we’ll help count it down everyday with some sort of Starwarsy post because we love it so much. And in addition we are having a contest!
A contest you say. Why yes a contest.

In addition to 50 glorious days of Star Wars-related posts on the Hard Cheap Knock website, we want to send you to the movies. We are giving away a $100 Fandango gift card. We know you’re going to see The Last Jedi…so we want to buy your second, third or fourth viewings!

So it’s quite easy to play unlike bull’s-eyeing womp rats in your T-16 back home. In some posts throughout the 50 days, we will have that countdown day number incorporated within it. It could be super hidden or in your face just like a fresh mynock. Just take note of which numbers you find.
And remember numbers can also be spelt out or be Roman Numerals! So get your Tatooine macrobinoculars ready!

If you can’t find any or only a few you can still play and possibly win!
Starting today you can do one or all of the following:


  • Visit Hard Cheap Knock on Facebook
  • Follow us on Pinterest
  • Follow @hardcheapknock on Twitter
  • Post a tweet
  • List the hidden numbers you found
    (enter these after the full countdown has ended so you can find them all)

All of the above options must be activated through the fancy little entry form below:
The Last Jedi Countdown “Second Viewing” Giveaway.

The more options you do the more your chance of winning increases!
Enter today through December 25, 2017. Must be 18 years old to play and be a resident of the USA.
For full official rules click here

Don’t worry we won’t sell your email to the Kaminoans for cloning.
(We have to say that ’cause star wars)

50 Days to the Last Jedi Countdown is sponsored by The SITH. When you are down and out & need some vision, come join the Sith! We love dealing in only absolutes and offer hazard pay. Join today!


"Last night i felt whale arms around me." - The Smiths

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