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A True Story of Padawans in Action

The Chironian Sped Away With The Master!

While taking his padawan troop camping across the Chiron wilderness, Master Wetni and his group encountered a Chironian female. Convinced that he had a special “Force connection” with the attractive Chironian, Master Wetni jumped onto her back and unceremoniously pinched her elbow. Needless to say, she took off like a shot across the grassy plains.

Without hesitation, Padawan Earldutu took off after the spooked Chironian. His speeder bike gained speed on the four-legged female near the top of a hill. Earldutu reached over and grabbed Master Wetini around the waist. He pulled the Jedi onto his speeder and stopped. Meanwhile, the Chironian galloped down the other side of the hill, which was strewn with rocks and trees.

Padawan Earldutu was awarded the Medal of Merit by the Jedi Council.

Addendum: I would be remiss to not mention the following influences:

  1. This episode of The Nerdy Legion podcast, jump to 33:30 if you don’t want to enjoy the glory of the entire episode.
  2. This issue of Boys Life magazine, page 47.
  3. The majority of the art for this post was created while drinking at Beermiscuous and Duke of Perth.

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