34 Days to SW EP8 – Creatures of A New Hope – Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raiders, the scourge of moisture farmers throughout Tatooine. In A New Hope, they are simply referred to as Sand People. No none in the original film calls them Tusken Raiders. Both Luke and Ben just call them Sand People. It wasn’t until The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones that they are actually called Tusken Raiders.

But regardless of you want to call them, Tusken Raiders are cool! Their masks are cool. Their Gaffi Sticks are cool. And of course, their riding beasts, Banthas, are cool! The Tusken Raider standing ferociously over Luke is such an iconic image. It really brings home the point that these are a vicious people that will attack without provocation. Yet an old man in a robe making animal noises will easily startle them and cause them to scatter like womp rats. Go figure. Makes you wonder why moisture farmers didn’t just have scare-robes strategically placed around their property to spook these marauders of the Jundland Wastes. If only Cliegg Lars had more robes…. Basically, what it comes down to is, it’s Cliegg Lars’ fault that Anakin turned to the Dark Side. Cliegg Lars created Darth Vader all because he didn’t have the wherewithal to hang scare-robes around his moisture farm. The downfall of the Old Republic was caused by Cliegg Lars. Now the Empire is in control, and the galaxy is in turmoil, and Tusken Raiders are running amok on Tatooine attacking his step-grandson. All because he didn’t put up some scare-robes to startle off those Tusken Raiders!

Tusken Raiders… wreaking havoc across the galaxy… even  40 years later.

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Mikel Samson


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