31 Days to SW EP8 – Creatures of A New Hope – Hem Dazon

For any monster or creature fan, the greatest joy of A New Hope was the Mos Eisley Cantina scene. It was an entire room filled with strange aliens, monsters, creatures and scoundrels. It was visually rich with layer upon layer of weird characters that would strain your eyes just to catch a glimpse of each one. The very first creature to jump into frame was an alien with an anvil-shaped head. Of course he had no name or back-story, but who cared. He was just a cool looking alien. Everyone in that cantina was cool. They didn’t need a back-story or explanation. It was just cool to peer into this seedy alien dive bar on the outer rim of the galaxy.

Well, old T-Head eventually got an official name… Hem Dazon. And his species are called Arcona. I actually did not know any of this before I wrote it down. I had to look it all up. I do remember buying his Hasbro Action Figure, but I certainly didn’t remember the name on the package. Now he has an entire back-story, a wiki-page and I’m sure he’s been featured in a number of canon stories, not to mention fan-fiction. Which for me, is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I love learning about all the characters in the Star Wars Universe, down to the last detail (as long as it’s canon). Like I said before it’s these details that flesh out the world and make it more real and immersive. But on the other hand it kinda takes away the original mystique and wonder of when you saw the cantina scene for the very first time. It truly was so alien and strange and not knowing anything about these aliens and creatures only expanded your own imagination, at least for me.

I don’t need to know the names of every single patron of the cantina, but I do like knowing that there will always be a space open at the bar for us regulars… even 40 years later.


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Mikel Samson

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