19 Days to SW EP8 – Creatures of A New Hope – Momaw Nadon

Hammerhead has got to be my favorite of the original four vintage Kenner Cantina Aliens. Probably because he was the most alien looking of them all, with his weirdo-shaped head and long neck and no visible mouth. And while the other three Kenner Cantina Alien figures (Greedo, Walrus Man and Snaggletooth) were all somewhat, loosely similar to their screen counterparts, for the life of me, I have no idea why Kenner chose to have Hammerhead (or Momaw Nadon, as he would later come to be called) wear a bright blue, one-piece bathing suit.

Hammerhead had a fair amount of screen time, so you can tell he has sleeves and a prominent scarf. Even in the picture that they used for his backing card, you can clearly see his shirt and scarf. And on top of that they were reddish-brown! Why a bright blue bathing suit! It’s so far removed from the actual outfit. Granted the Walrus Man figure isn’t perfect with his blue sleeves and pants, but at least they gave him pants! If you look at the original 21 vintage Star Wars figures released by Kenner, they are all pretty accurate representations of their characters, all except Hammerhead. He almost looks like some crappy, sci-fi, bootleg knock-off that you find at the dollar store. “Look kids it’s Hammerface from Star Battles in a universe very, very far off in space!” I love the vintage Kenner line, but even I don’t understand their logic sometimes. I’ll never get why they did what they did to poor Hammerhead, but he’s still the coolest alien in the Cantina… even 40 years later.

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Mikel Samson

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