17 Days to SW EP8 – Target: Womp Rats

Target: Womp Rats

This canyon has been surveyed and safely baited where needed

To report additional problems call comlink channel 3-1-1

Womp Rat bait has been buried – where WOMP RATS can find it – but where it’s unlikely to be found by Jawas and pets.

If you do suspect that the bait has been ingested by a person or pet, immediately contact your physician or the Mos Eisley Poison Control Center at 1-555-ATE-BAIT. Do NOT call if it has been ingested by a Jawa.

We need your help to eliminate the Womp Rat problem in this area.

  • If you happen to be flying past a Womp Rat, and it isn’t terribly inconvenient, please blast it.
  • If you see a wounded Jawa, please set it on fire. Womp Rats cannot pass up an easy meal, and the fire may consume it as well. But, if not, you know, one less Jawa.

Stop feeding the Womp Rats

  • Put ALL garbage securely in containers
  • Keep your garbage covered
  • Destroy any Jawa carcasses you encounter (after first urinating upon them).

Protect your family, pets, and droids from Womp Rats

  • WOMP RATS are large and lazy and garbage is their primary source of food
  • Don’t give WOMP RATS a free meal
  • Do not hang drying meat upon Astromechs. We’re looking at you, moisture farmers.

If Womp Rats can’t feed, Womp Rats can’t breed.

Beggar’s Canyon Department of Gullies and Garbage

Target: A Free Movie! That’s right! We’re giving away a $100 Fandango gift card. If you win, you can spring for the fancy theater… The one where WOMP RATS down scurry over your toes in the dark and carry away your children. Go for it, big spender!

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