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16 Days to SW EP 8 – Exclusive! The True Face of General Grievous! And You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Dear Readers, here it is, finally, once and for all, unmistakably, undeniably, the true, real face behind the schlocky hockey mask of that foul dastardly General Grievous, Supreme Commander of the Droid Army who fought along side that despicable, detestable, unforgivable Count Dooku against the Republic and all the stoic, heroic good Jedis in the Clone Wars from all those years Before the Battle of Yavin.

You’re like “oh shit, THAT General Grievous. I tried to forget about him. It stings my heart too much to think of his limitless evil.” Well sorry readers, it’s not my job to protect your gentle heart. I was hired specifically to show you what true wrongfulness looks like so you can have the sensation of staring into a dark, bottomless hole, succumbing to the fear that you will fall into and become one with it. Thanks Linked In!

Have you seen this repugnant pate?  This villainous visage? Well here it is, have a look!


photo: google images

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