1 Day to SW EP8 – Rey Mind Trick

How does she even know he’s back there?

One of the great mysteries of The Force Awakens is how exactly Rey knows how to do the spectacular feats she can perform?
How is she such a great pilot?
Wield a lightsaber? What?
Where did her telekinetic powers suddenly come from?
Perfectly manicured underarms? On a remote desert outpost? UNFATHOMABLE!

Is she a Jedi sleeper agent stationed on Jakku until “activated”? Or simply “Force-attuned”? Did she bump her head on the bulkhead of a fallen Star Destroyer and simply forget her training? Is she under an Unkar Plutt Mind Trick?

I am certain that all of these questions will be answered TOMORROW when The Last Jedi hits our eyeballs in all of its cinematic glory.

In my opinion, the Force came a little too easy for Rey. I mean, yeah, she stumbled a bit with her very first attempt at the Jedi Mind Trick, but what if…

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